2011 Highlights: Let bygones be bygones

The Good Anna Hazare movement- though inconclusive keeps hope alive –lokpal bill should see daylight sooner than later 2G scam -the fact that the accused are behind bars suggests that bureaucracy is hopefully deteriorating Sebi-leaves us with a sweet after taste owing to bringing to book the promoters, directors and

Eureka-Finally the West apes East by pleading for Financial Aid

  DOLLAR –RUPEE dynamics –EURO playing Spoilsport   Paper headlines with respect to the weakness in the US has become a part and parcel of our lives in the past few years ;low growth, weak employment data, QE .All the weakness led to us appreciating how Asian countries have avoided

RBI: The Hero or the Villain?????????

RBI:The Hero or the Villain???? The banking business on the outer seems so straightforward, it involves garnering deposits and then to lend the same profitably, so as to able to cover all costs incurred and remit interest to the depositors. Nevertheless leading banks with such a simple business module sent

Safe Investment Haven-Do they still exist??????????????

Conversations revolving around investment options have been in vogue for years together. Be it at seminars or a private get together. Nevertheless there has been a noticeable change in the conviction in one would earlier speak about the supposedly safe havens. Gold and Real Estate Current changing and challenging times

Avoid the slip between the cup and the Lip by having a S.I.P

Avoid the slip between the cup and the Lip by having a S.I.P Does your heart skip a beat or more on hearing, reading words such as market mayhem, dooms day, black days, bloodbath, and carnage. And then one ends up pacifying oneself saying what goes down does come up

Can FDI in retail stop fruits from rotting?

Should India share its mounting retail pie? India is estimated to be a retail market worth $450 billion currently. To top that the middle-class population is expected to grow to 267 million in the next five years. Obviously consequently we have multi-national giants like Wal-Mart, Carrefour etc. eyeing for a

Is it going to be a damp Monsoon session?

Is it going to be a damp Monsoon session? Guess most of us are not even batting an eyelid towards the proceedings of the 1st day of the parliament’s monsoon session. The Lok Sabha session was adjourned within a few minutes and the only matters discussed were tributes to a

Are Moral values preferred over Wealth Creation?

How ethic conscious are you? if given the option would you pick wealth creation or moral values.

Take a test –How Gullible are you?

Are you authorizing the greed bug to cloud out common sense??????

Current Economy-Headless Chicken in a catch 22 situation

story of one and all-be it the well off or the not so well off................
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